Omdena Delivers Technology to Reunite Families After Earthquakes

Apr 18, 2020
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Leader in Collaborative AI Solutions Omdena Delivers Technology to Reunite Families After Earthquakes


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By Laura Clark Murray 



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February 11, 2020

Leader in Collaborative AI Solutions Omdena Delivers Technology to Reunite Families After Earthquakes

Omdena builds on an impressive record of delivering artificial intelligence solutions for social good with a global community of more than 700 participants from more than 70 countries.

Palo Alto, California (February 11, 2020) — Omdena, the global platform for building collaborative AI-based solutions, today announced the delivery of AI technology to help parents and children reunite in the aftermath of an earthquake. The system identifies safe paths through predicted earthquake damage in Istanbul, where experts have long warned of a devastating earthquake.

A diverse team of thirty-three AI experts, engaged citizens, and data scientists worked together from remote locations around the world, in partnership with Impact Hub Istanbul. The project represents Omdena’s tenth completed project challenge since the company’s launch in May 2019, and the third in the humanitarian sector.

“At Omdena, we’re building a new model of innovation, where communities can come together to solve their problems, share their data and build solutions,” said Rudradeb Mitra, Founder of Omdena. “For this challenge, the diverse team members from around the world devoted their AI and problem-solving skills to helping the
families of Istanbul.”

Social innovators at Impact Hub Istanbul set out to address the critical concerns their community will face in the immediate hours after an earthquake hits. They turned to Omdena for its proven expertise in quickly transforming broad problem definitions into targeted AI solutions. In eight-weeks, the Omdena team of collaborators has delivered a working AI prototype that identifies safe routes after an earthquake in one district of Istanbul, for expected expansion city-wide.

Semih Boyaci, Co-Founder of Impact Hub Istanbul, said: “The result of this stunning process with Omdena was an AI-powered tool that helps families reunite in case of an earthquake by calculating the shortest and safest roads. It was incredible to witness the productivity level when a group of talented people comes together around common motivations to solve problems for the social good.”

This Omdena Earthquake Response AI Challenge will be featured at the United Nations AI for Good Global Summit 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland in May 2020.


For media inquires contact: Laura Clark Murray, Omdena, [email protected]

About Omdena: Omdena is a platform for building AI solutions to real-world problems through global collaboration. Our partners include the UN World Food Programme and the UN Refugee Agency. Omdena is an Innovation Partner of the United Nations AI for Good Global Summit 2020. Learn more at

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About the AI for Good Global Summit 2020: The AI for Good series is the leading action-oriented, global & inclusive United Nations platform on AI. The Summit is organized every year in Geneva by the ITU with XPRIZE Foundation in partnership with 37 sister United Nations agencies, Switzerland and ACM. The goal is to identify practical applications of AI and scale those solutions for global impact. Learn more at