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Become an Impact Partner - Omdena

Meet your organization’s Sustainable Development Goals


Join as an impact partner in Omdena´s projects to help solve real-world problems while meeting your Sustainable Development Goals.


Building AI with and for Everyone

Omdena is an innovation platform where AI engineers and domain experts collaborate to build solutions to real-world problems. Our platform spans across more than 80 countries with more than 1000 changemakers. Our mission is to democratize AI for mission-driven organizations and social enterprises that leverage technology to build a better future. 


Benefits as an impact Partner

  • Improve social and environmental credentials of your business
  • Meet your internal Sustainable Development Goals
  • Up-skill data science best practices in your organization and make it an integral part of your business
  • Participate in developing cutting-edge AI solutions
  • Get featured as an impact partner in our global networks with leading organizations and humanitarian actors


Interested to become an impact partner? Below are the current projects.

Fighting Illegal Dumping: Identifying Dumpsites To Contribute to a Cleaner World

In this two-month Omdena Challenge, a global team of up to 50 changemakers will collaborate to build AI models that help to understand and avoid illegal dumpsites. The challenge partner TrashOut is an environmental project which aims to map all illegal dumps around the world and help citizens recycle waste accordingly.

Using Machine Learning to Predict Deforestation

The project partner, Moja Global, provides tools for estimating emissions and removals of greenhouse gases from the land sector. Agriculture, deforestation, and other types of land use account for 23% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce these emissions, they need to be quantified accurately.

This project proposes to develop an algorithm that will predict the level of deforestation based on the project area, sub-national administrative area, and the whole country. 

Locating products at disposal sites to extract consumer data

Getting data from trash helps sales and improves the planet. Dumpsites are “one-stop shops” where everything we buy ends at. Currently, there are no companies capturing data to increase sales and user experience.

For example, AI technology could locate bottles of shampoo being dumped in some areas. The local supermarket does not currently sell this kind of shampoo, which means lost revenue potential. The project owner and startup Tekntrash is led by an experienced team of professors, IT experts, and Harvard advisors.

Interested to learn more?

Contact Laura Clark Murray, Head of Partnerships, if you are interested in sponsoring Omdena´s Innovation Projects.



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