Demo Day: The impact of COVID19 policies on vulnerable populations


The problem

WHO called on governments to change the course of the Corona outbreak by taking “urgent and aggressive action”. Many governments took strict measures such as closing borders, quarantining entire cities, and implementing travel bans.

While these measures may be effective in containing the spread of disease they may also have indirect mid- to long-term effects on the economy and adverse effects on the well-being of people, especially the poor and economically marginalized.


What will be presented

In this Omdena Challenge, 65 AI experts, data scientists, and domain experts from the World Health Organization, The World Bank, European Commission, UNICEF US applied AI and policy research to the following areas:

  • Understanding policy effects on healthcare access, wage loss, employment loss, and domestic violence
  • Enabling governments to design data-driven policies to deal effectively with pandemics like the Coronavirus

How to get a chance to join the demo day

  • The discussion will be on an invite-only basis to ensure a helpful and effective dialogue
  • You can apply below by answering two brief questions





Event date

Thursday 28th May, 4 pm CEST

Event Application