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OmdenaLore: World’s Biggest AI4Good Library For Real-World Projects

OmdenaLore is a community-driven open source library being built by certified Omdena collaborators. The codebase is a mixture of tutorials and code structured by specific domain names. With a growing number of collaborators, the library is ever-growing and versatile to handle simple and complex data science tasks.

We encourage coders around the world to download the library and use it to make a real-world impact.

3500+ Community Members

30,000 Lines of Code

5000 Resources

25 Tool Partners

A variety of different Data Science expertise, e.g. Remote Sensing, Computer Vision, NLP, and Anomaly Detection.


The codebase is modularized and kept flexible so as to be able to modify it to fulfill some purpose. This makes the code quicker to repurpose.


OmdenaLore is an outcome of real-world projects. The code has high reusability with a tested and implemented code base.

Sample code

We also provide sample code in OmdenaLore so as to be able for newcomers to see examples of how a piece of code can be used in a given context.

Community driven

The library OmdenaLore is driven by the Omdena community which makes this much richer.


The code is well documented and structured for searchability and ease of use. It’s is version controlled with real-time updates with every code change in the repository

Contribute For A Better World

Contribute a code block that can help collaborators in current or future projects and create a real impact.

For Organizations

Connect with us to learn how you can use OmdenaLore in your organization on highly impactful problems for environmental good, climate change, public safety, gender equality, and more.


How to contribute to OmdenaLore

You have to be a member of the Omdena community to contribute to the OmdenaLore repository. This is to make sure that the code quality is maintained. The contributions to the OmdenaLore repository go through peer-to-peer reviews, more details here.

Who is eligible to contribute

Anyone from the Omdena community can contribute. Non-community members can also contribute but they need to request for access.

Will there be a redundancy check to make sure the code pushed in the Pull Requests is verified?

Yes: The main branch is protected in the repository which means that for a Pull Request to be merged into the main branch, at least one reviewer will need to review it.

Can I push my changes to the main branch?

No: In order to make sure the main branch consists of functional and usable code for all collaborators, we have protected the branch so that a proper Pull Request + review process can be used to merge new changes into the main branch.

Will we have access to the library?

Yes: Everyone will have access to the Omdena Lore library.


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