OmdenaSchool – Data Science Education Rooted in the Real World

OmdenaSchool - Data Science Education Rooted in the Real World

Data Science Education

Rooted in the Real World

(Rated 4.5/5 by Past Students)

OmdenaSchool ‘s mission is to empower learners with quality education in application areas of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence while removing the financial and geographic barriers. 

OmdenaSchool provides an instructor-led and code-first environment with a better user experience using real-world case studies. The learners can learn theories, models, and applications to understand the usefulness of applications in advancing AI for the betterment of humanity. The school is run by donations given by students.

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Distinctive Features

Courses at OmdenaSchool are different from the courses available at the different marketplace.

Instructor led courses

Hands-on instructor-led coding experience with real-world projects.

Real World case studies

Our courses are based on Real-world practical assignment(s) leading to project with similar application areas.

State of the art AI skills

Our aim is to equip learners with state-of-the-art AI skills with Omdena courses.

Complete solutions

The courses are developed on end-to-end solutions from collecting datasets to the deployment of working models.

Completion Certificate

After taking the Course completion certificates will be issued to successful participants.

Join as an Instructor

Join us as a:

  • Course design Instructor by offering course content design.
  • Course teaching instructor by teaching already available courses.
  • Course design and delivery by creating and teaching courses.

The course can be made available in languages other than in English upon the request of the learners.The instructor honorarium is the total amount collected from the students.


How can I join OmdenaSchool?

You can join OmdenaSchool as a student and as an instructor. For both of the roles you have to fill up the registration form in this page.

Who is eligible to be an instructor at OmdenaSchool?

Anyone with the right expertise can become an instructor.

Can learners join courses free of cost?

Yes: If a student cannot pay a small upfront honorarium amount for the teacher they are allowed to join the course free of cost.

Can I be a teacher and student as well?

Yes: You can be a teacher in one course and student of other courses. Even a student can enroll in more than one course if the course schedule allows.

Will we have access to the recorded sessions?

No: At the moment our focus is to have live sessions only. On special circumstances, we can share recorded sessions with a student.


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