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Welcome to the Netherlands Chapters!

There are 2 active chapters in Netherlands:

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Eindhoven,Netherlands

Apply here to be a chapter lead for other cities and/or universities in the Netherlands

Completed Projects!

Circular Economy – Improving Food Security and Crop Yield

The Problem:

The ability of agricultural equipment to help actors better think, predict, and advise farmers via a variety of AI applications helps to achieve food security in the Netherlands. Given the enormous impact of climate change, having a machine learning model will limit these impacts. 

The result should not only be an improvement on the previously provided challenge ( but should also give a more detailed result on which crops are best to farm on a specific field.

Source Code:

We will be running an AI project soon…. Stay Tuned!

Omdena Netherlands Chapter
Netherlands Chapter Leads

Thom Suijkerbuijk

Amsterdam, Netherlands

My name is Thom Suijkerbuijk and I recently got my master’s degree in data science and entrepreneurship. After my studies, I started working as a data engineer, for a bank in the Netherlands, within the Detecting Financial Crime department. Besides that, I want to solve real-world problems, which I tried to do by being a part of three Omdena projects.

Fabrice Toussaint

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Fabrice graduated this past year with a Master’s in Data Science and Entrepreneurship at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (woohoo). Currently, he is working as a Data Engineer/Data scientist for a startup focusing on e-commerce. One of his goals is to make the world a better place through data and that’s why he has joined and supports Omdena’s work.