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Welcome to Omdena K-12 Chapter!

The K-12 chapter at Omdena will give these children an opportunity to put their skillsets to use in a real-life project close to their heart.

The K-12 chapter at Omdena has been initiated by Coding and More- a personalized AI EDtech for students of the K-12 grade band.
We are a passionate team of teachers who want to empower and equip our young students with relevant AI skillsets.

Upcoming Challenges

Project duration 
4th February – 6th April

Omdena K-12 Chapter - Using Machine Learning to reduce food waste

The Background

The main problem is food wastage, approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food gets wasted every year according to UNEP. According to embrace relief, 957 million people worldwide do not have enough food to eat every day. By reducing food wastage it increases the chances that these people who are not receiving any food can actually get some and by donating the food that people don’t need to the people in need of food we can solve both of these problems.

The Problem

The objective of the project is to create an app that reduces food wastage and eventually reduces wastage of all kinds. It will solve the problem by helping people and restaurants donate their excess food to reduce wastage. Gives innovative solutions to reducing food wastage as well as donating excess food. It will be used by all people who buy groceries, restaurants and caterers. It can be further developed by making it universal to all kinds of waste not just food.


The Project Goals

  • To make an AI model that can scan and recognise food and other waste items 

  • To write a program that can tell when the waste is near its expiry date and can then suggest what to do with the waste.

  • Making an app or a website for this or merging it with valuable trash


The Learning Outcomes

  • Learning machine learning and getting an in-depth knowledge of it

  • Learning how to create a dataset for an AI model and testing the accuracy of an AI model 

  • Getting a greater knowledge of coding languages 

  • Getting a better understanding of app and website graphics and designing


The Tasks & Timeline

Week 1-2 Week 3-4 Week 5-8 Week 9
  • understand the problem statement and solution. 

  • Creating a prototype of the model 

  • Developing the skills required to execute the project

  • start creating the dataset for the AI model 

  • Simultaneously working on the coding for the project 

  • Finding NGOs to collaborate with

  • finishing the AI model

  • Integrating the AI model with a website or app

  • Finishing the code


  • creating a final app and sending it to friends and family as a test

  • Taking feedback and improving the app


Omdena K-12 Chapter Lead
Supriya Bhuwalka

Supriya Bhuwalka

Supriya Bhuwalka is the Founder of a personalized Edtech company ‘Coding and More’ that teaches AI and Coding to students in the K-12 grade band. She is a member of the Women in AI Council, Education and has started a monthly live and newsletter to spread awareness about applications of AI in varied industries. Supriya has a bachelors in Mathematics and Economics from Wellesley College, USA and is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa and Omicron Delta Honor Societies.