Develop Your Career With Omdena

Joining Omdena was an important career milestone. A unique way of learning and contributing to social good.

Phenyo Phemelo Moletsane

Data Scientist, South Africa


Job Opportunities


We help identify new job opportunities and connect you with relevant organisations within our network. We keep track of the skills you demonstrate and develop through our challenges to match you with the right job opportunities in the market. 


Companies that have hired from our community include cutting edge startups, social enterprises and large NGO’s: 

Omdena Career Service (in Beta)

Omdena Career Service (in Beta) - Omdena

Mentoring Support (4 Sessions 1 x Month)


We provide mentoring support through which you can have one-to-one sessions with proven mentors in our community. The Omdena mentor pool consists of community members who have been anonymously endorsed by their peers during Omdena challenges. Once you answer a few questions about your needs, we share your profile with our mentors. If there is a match, we will connect you with the right person for your needs.

The sessions can be related to technical, job-related, or any other issues you wish to talk about (including personal).

If you are interested in benefiting from the Career Service, please fill out the form below. Someone on our team will be in touch with you soon.