Omdena AI Challenge Demo

Omdena AI Challenge Demo

The Omdena AI Challenge in a nutshell

  • Diverse and precisely selected team of 50 engineers and data scientists solving challenges
  • Increased speed of development and innovation through 6-10 task groups/ project
  • Real-time involvement of the partner (you) with weekly progress calls
Omdena´s collaborative work and Coronavirus AI Challenge highlighted by NASDAQ, NYC (May 2020)
Omdena´s collaborative work and Coronavirus AI Challenge highlighted by NASDAQ, NYC (May 2020)
“Let´s build Inclusive and Innovative AI together”

Phases of the challenge. The process.

Project preparation
Project preparation

Submit the problem and an idea how to solve it. If necessary, we will help to scope your project.

Get your data & systems ready by an experienced Omdena team.

AI development
AI development

Your AI models developed by a cross-functional team of 50 selected engineers and a project manager.


Back and front-end deployment by a dedicated Omdena team.

FAQ. Questions we have answers to.

When is the Omdena Challenge a good fit for you?

You have unknowns in the path to build your AI solution:

  • Getting more data and not knowing where to get the data
  • Overcoming complex technical challenges
  • Testing different approaches or algorithms to solve the problem
Can I hire engineers from the Challenge?

Yes, once the project ends, you own all the IP from the challenge. Either you take all the data and code and continue the work on your own, or hire collaborators from the challenge, or continue to work with us through a smaller team of 1-5 engineers.

It happens very often that the startup decides to send a job offer to the people that have shined during the 8 weeks. We know that it is actually the best way to hire skilled and motivated AI engineers if you are planning to expand your team.

How does the project management work?

We assign a Product Lead who will oversee the team and manage the expectations from your side. The person will also keep you updated with the progress. You will also have access to a dedicated Slack Channel, where you can constantly interact with the team during the project.

In addition, you are updated on the project progress in the following ways:

  • Weekly calls where the task leaders present an update
  • A mid-check after four weeks
  • Final presentation and report at the end of the project

Sneak peak. Check out past challenges!

Go to
Go to:
Join the different task channels named task {1-9}_{Name} to see how the task teams work. Also, you can check other channels to see the team discussions.

How to get started. Walkthrough.

1. Step

Step 1

Submit a project scope

You submit your envisioned project scope for the Challenge. If the scope is feasible, we share an agreement with you which includes the project fee, start date, and deliverables. Next, we schedule a call to align on all details and sign the agreement.

An agreement template can be read here.

2. Step

Step 2

Announcing the Challenge on the Omdena website
Omdena puts the project on the website page to receive applications for the project. Typically we get 200-300 applicants. We select 40-50 AI engineers based on hard and soft skills and previous experience. Next, we send them an onboarding email. The onboarding email contains a link that explains how the collaboration works in the project. The collaborators also sign a code of conduct.
3. Step

Step 3

Pre-kick-off call with you

Together with you, Omdena´s Head of Projects discusses the project execution, timeline, and project scope in detail. 

4. Step

Step 4

Kick-off call of the Challenge

During the kick-off call, you present the problem to the engineers and answer their questions.

5. Step

Step 5

Challenge starts

The project officially starts after the kick-off. Omdena collaborators break down the problem into subtasks. In the weekly task call, every task team presents the progress made – the partner is free to join but the whole process is managed by an Omdena Project Manager and Product Owner.

6. Step

Step 6

Progress and mid-project check-in
There will be a weekly status email that the Omdena team will send you with the recording of the weekly team call (in case you cannot join the weekly team call). Also, Omdena will provide a formal mid-project presentation to your team to get your feedback.
7. Step

Step 7

Delivery of the results

At the end of the 8-weeks project, we present the final work. Here is an example of the final deliverable with all the deliverables from a challenge. You can also check the Github repository and the data collected. If agreed on previously in the contract, you will be the owner of all IP.

We will assign 1 or 2 Engineers at the end of the 8-weeks project to work on the integration/deployment of the solution for 2 weeks.

We also deploy solutions as part of the 8-week challenges. You can check some examples via

Register for a 20 mins exploration call.

Laura McIntosh, CEO

EmPowerYu (USA), Plug and Play Backed

“Highly professional and productive – the value is not only the final outcome but also what the team tried and why it was not a good fit for the data”

Janis Jasko, CEO

Weedbot, DeepTech Startup

“Scaling your Machine Learning team 20x overnight”

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