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Bousso Mamadou

Aziz DIOP Abdou

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  • Deep Learning
  • EDA
  • NLP
  • Research
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Web scraping

A Study of Text Classification Natural Language Processing Algorithms in Wolof

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14 Apr 2022

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Bousso Mamadou

I’m a long life learner, a researcher, a keen teacher and a community server.

Aziz DIOP Abdou

A Scientist of a Senegalese origin and passionate about data. He has a degree in mathematics and computer science, followed by a master’s degree in mathematics and application with a thesis in algebra, he did another master’s degree, for data transmission and information system so he started to do Machine learning, having a solid base in Mathematics and programming he felt comfortable in this area. Currently, he is a researcher in NLP, more specifically in Multilingual Automatic speech for low resources in African languages, he am interested in the phenomenon of code-switching, how to improve ASR models for use in case studies to impact the lives of Africans on a daily basis.