Local Chapters Open Day

Local Chapters Open Day

Omdena Local Chapters Open Day

Connect, Learn, and Have Fun


30th April

Info-day, networking, workshops to open up new opportunities

Local Chapters Open Day gathering Chapters, Community and even outside visitors on 23rd April


A place to exchange experiences

Explore your ideas and brainstorm

Opportunity to make friends with those alike from around the world

Improve the job perspectives in AI

For one day, you will be able to enter the virtual world of Local Chapters, which is going to be created via Gather Town for our (definitely real) worldwide Community of Local Chapters.
To meet, learn and connect!!!

Why we are doing it?

Taking the best out of our worldwide community of AI and social impact enthusiasts – network even better than face to face meetings, make new friends.

Spreading awareness about the projects and their potential (Universities, friends, curious individuals).

An opportunity for chapters to exchange initiatives and join forces for the upcoming challenges to achieve even more powerful solutions.

Career Services Launch as we know that for members of Local Chapters topic of career possibilities improvement is extremely important we will present some possibilities, fireside chats and workshops on effective steps for your career path.


30th April 2022

For whom?

for all the members of Chapters, their friends, curious institutions, Universities, members of an Omdena Community, and more!

However keep in mind that there is going to be the limit of visitors on the event
Reserve your seat by registration already today through the button below