Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base Omdena | Building AI Solutions for Real-World Problems

Knowledge Database

One of the world´s largest knowledge data bases for real-world projects in NLP, Computer Vision, Remote Sensing, and more.


Building Blocks

Tools Tutorials

A big library of videos and notebooks vetted by our community that explain different tools we use in Omdena’s challenges.

Knowledge Resources

5,000+ Knowledge resources collected along the way of solving real-world challenges.

Our Mission

Spread AI knowledge

With OmdenaLore, Local Chapters educational challenges, and a database of free resources, Omdena is spreading knowledge with the AI community.

And solving real-world problems won’t be easier. Develop your Data Science experience and apply it to impACT projects.

Five Spheres. One Mission.

All the support to a big community of data scientists and AI enthusiasts.


What People Are Saying

Collaboration across continents, time zones, and perspectives, especially in a social science-linked challenge was mind-opening.

Marek Cichy

ML Engineer

After this project experience, I can’t go back to the old normal. Omdena showed us the way to do innovation.

Erdem Ergin

Disaster Management Consultant, UNDP

Omdena | Building AI Solutions for Real-World Problems