Become an AI-powered organization

Omdena runs Collaborative AI Projects with organizations that want to get started with AI, solve a real-world problem, or build deployable solutions within two months.

As a Project Host, you have access to up to 50 AI experts,data scientists, and domain experts who help to refine your use case, collect the data, and build your solution(s). Read below how collaboration enables the AI-powered organization.

Why Collaboration Is the Best Way to Build AI Solutions

How an Omdena Project works


Submit your AI use case or idea at the end of the page by answering a few questions.

Check our FAQs.


Get your request checked by our experts on whether it matches our project requirements.


Host the project on our platform and access our selected AI community to solve your problem.


Check the project progress in real-time through Slack and weekly calls where all collaborators present their work.


Receive your AI and machine-learning based solution(s). 

Connect with us in our live chat below.

All done? We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.