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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQs for organizations interested to host a project

1. What is Omdena?

Omdena is a collaborative platform to build innovative, ethical, and efficient AI solutions to real-world problems.

The value of our collaborative projects is that organizations get access to up to 40-60 AI engineers and data scientists. This helps an organization to get a headstart into AI, solve a real-world problem, overcome data challenges, and build deployable solutions within a short time frame of a couple of months.

2. What constitutes a project? 
An organization only needs to submit a problem statement or use case. The problem does not need to be defined in detail. At the start of a project, the organization will work with our community to refine and narrow down the problem statement.

3. What are the final deliverables of a project?
It depends on the project, but the final deliverable can include frontend, and backend development along with one or more developed AI model(s).

4. What is the process for the organization?
The organization can submit the challenge via our page. If your organization has questions about what can be hosted as a project, please email [email protected] to set up a call to discuss further.

5. If an organization is interested, what do they need to provide?
The organization needs to write a problem statement (describe the problem they want to solve) and expected goals from the challenge. In some of our projects, the organizations provide their own data, in others they did not have data. During the project, the challenge community will identify data sources and gather the necessary data.

To discuss further, feel free to schedule a call with [email protected]

6. What is the model of engagement?
For each project, we charge a small administrative fee. In special cases, if the organization has no access to funds, plans to keep the code open source, AND works on solving a very impactful problem, which needs urgent attention, we are open to waiving the fee.

Our projects are a way for an organization to become AI-powered within a short time frame of two months. Working with Omdena means getting access to AI experts and data scientists that are scarce in the market. To understand all benefits of working with Omdena, check out this article.

7. Can you show me some examples of past work?
All our past and current challenges can be found in our finished projects section. If you want to read about the (technical) results from our past projects, feel free to read our blog.