Frequently asked questions


FAQs for organizations interested to host an Omdena challenge

1. What is Omdena?

A  global platform where mission-driven organizations, startups, SMEs, and social enerprises build AI and data science solutions for social good. In an Omdena challenge you’ll work with 40 AI experts and data scientists to define your use case, collect the data, and build your solution(s).


2. What constitutes a challenge? What is the duration of a challenge?

A social problem that can be solved using AI. Each challenge runs for 8 weeks.


3. What is the process for the organization?

As an organization, you first submit the challenge via our homepage. You can submit an idea or broadly defined problem. The power of our Collaborative AI processes is to take a vague problem and refine it in an AI useable format. If you are not sure whether your case can be hosted as an Omdena challenge, please email to set up a call to discuss further.


4. If an organization is interested, what do they need to provide?

In some of our challenges, the organizations provided their own data, in others they did not have immediate data access. During the challenge, we are able to leverage our community to get data from other sources. In this case, reach out to us to discuss your specific case. Feel free to schedule a call via


5. What is the model of engagement?

In order to cover our development and platform costs, we charge an administrative fee. The fee depends on the use case but is very competitive. One of our mission points at Omdena is to provide the power of AI to organzations that have a limited budget.

In special cases, if the organization is not able to pay the fee as they have no source of income and plan to keep the code open source, and we are solving a global problem, which needs urgent attention, we are happy to waive the fee.


6. Can you show me some examples of past work?

All our past and current challenges can be found here. If you want to read about the technical results from our past challenges, check out our blog.


7. What are the final deliverables?

It depends on the challenge, but the final deliverable can be the data (cleaned, tagged) and the developed AI model(s). Our AI solutions are fully deployable.