General FAQs - Omdena


General FAQs for Participants in our Projects and Challenges (Exemptions apply)

1. How much time should I contribute?
5-20 hours a week based on your skills and availabilities. It will be agreed upon a weekly contribution in the project kickoff phase.

2. When are we required to be online?
There is no formal requirement It depends on the sub-community (task-related learning group) that you are part of. For online presentations, webinar, and workshops, you are required to be online.

3. How are we going to be evaluated?
Self-evaluation techniques through shared learning and peer-to-peer reviews.

4. Do we get a task description with deliverables?
Yes, you will get a task description and how the result should look like, but we will not provide granular tasks.

5. Can we participate in a couple of challenges at the same time?
Yes, you can, as long as you are ready to contribute to them and we agreed on a commitment.

6. Can we change sub-communities?
Yes, you can, but before you do please contact us.

7. Who should we talk to if we don’t know how to proceed?
Questions can be posted in a questions chat and the mentor will answer them.

8. How are our results presented?
At the end of the development sprint, we are holding a small demo, where each of the sub-communities will present their results, followed by a Q&A session.