How to Stand Out in The Data Science Job Market Event

How to Stand Out in The Data Science Job Market

Sat May 294 PM – 5 PM CET

How to Stand Out in The Data Science Job Market 

Juniors ask, Seniors answer


Ramansh Sharma

Ramansh is a Computer Science sophomore with a passion for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He likes to participate in community challenges at Omdena to spread awareness about the power of AI and its capacity to do good. In his free time, Ramansh likes reading books and playing badminton.

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Rosana de Oliveira Gomes

Rosana is a Ph.D. in Astrophysics currently dedicating her career to technology for social impact. She is very passionate about AI for social impact, having experience working with NGOs in the humanitarian sector and impact startups on projects about disaster management, renewable energies, and sustainability. Rosana’s other great passion is empowering women and young students into the world of AI. In her free time,  apart from painting and doing puzzles, she offers advice on getting into AI or changing careers, both through 1-1 mentoring sessions and by the Recommendation of the Week series on LinkedIn.

David Bruce

David is currently working as a data engineering intern after he made a career pivot from an unrelated, non-technical field via a data science boot camp. David learned about Omdena while in his boot camp and completed his first challenge earlier this month. He is passionate about the ways people are using their skills and knowledge in the field for positive change and loves the spirit of collaboration within Omdena. 

Nishrin Kachwala

Nishrin leads a global team of Data Scientists, ML Engineers as a PM, and a Tech lead at Omdena. She has 15+ years of experience Developing products building software infrastructure and technical marketing for Fortune 500 companies. She gives her time to volunteering/mentoring/teaching in her local School community and Data Science organizations WW Code, Women in Big Data, and Women in AI. She has a Master of Science in Physics and did Ph. D research in Astrophysics.

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