Become an AI and Data Science Organization


Today, 87% of all AI projects fail to deliver value in production, leading to frustration and lost revenue. The path to becoming an AI-enabled organization is fraught with challenges. Omdena, the collaborative AI platform for solving real-world problems, has launched The Omdena Enterprise Platform (OEP) to make all organizations data science organizations.


Collaboration is key

The OEP is designed to break down organizational silos, unlock disparate data systems, and better align data science to business value.

We help organizations to recruit cross-functional & diverse team, integrate agile and collaborative processes, up-skilling data science best practices, and build a real-world solution collaboratively. 


Participate in private preview

Select organizations are invited to participate in the private preview of OEP. Please register your interest here.

We are excited to now extend the power of the Omdena Platform to businesses. Working with Omdena, organizations are scaling their social impact initiatives around the world. Leveraging Omdena’s collaborative approach to AI, the Omdena Enterprise Platform will now provide this same transformation for businesses.

Jake Carey-Rand

Omdena Head of Business Development