Engineering Lead

Engineering Lead - Omdena
AI Engineering Path

Engineering Lead

Gain the skills you need to start or grow your career as a data scientist, machine learning engineer, or in a similar role in the data science field.

Process overview

  • Problem solving skills
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Team collaboration
1. Join an Omdena AI Innovation Challenge
By joining an AI Innovation Challenge you will work with a team of 50 collaborators to develop AI solutions for real-world problems.
2. Take a leadership role during the project
During the Innovation Challenge, lead a key task and drive progress with the team to showcase your willingness to take the lead.
3. Become an Omdena Top Talent
Complete at least two AI Innovation Challenges and have the opportunity to work on paid projects as an Omdena Top Talent.
4. Stand out to get hired at top companies
Now, you have built the skills and project portfolio to stand out in the data science job market.

Key skills

Data science know-how
By executing projects you will further develop your technical skills.
Team collaboration
Being able to parallelize and work on tasks with peers.
Cultural awareness
Being able to communicate and bridge a team of up to 50 collaborators from diverse backgrounds.
Willingness to learn
Being able to learn and adapt in a dynamic environment.


A very good grasp in computer science and/or mathematics
Programming experience with Python
A basic understanding of Machine Learning (e.g. through online courses)

Projects. You can join.

Omdena offers a variety of projects that will develop your skills in the field of Data Science and ultimately boost your career to the next level.

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