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Live Webinar with a Global AI Influencer


What you’ll learn

  • How Eric got into Data Science and made a career 
  • Strategies and tactics to learn data science 
    • – The concept of life long learning & curiosity
    • – Learning types and how to find yours
    • – Strategies for approaching online & self-directed learning
    • – The best and worst career advice Eric heard or received 
  • How to develop a growth mindset
    • – How to deal with failure and competition 
    • – How to stay motivated 
  • Top tools/ resources for 2020 


The speaker

Eric Weber is a Data Science Influencer (40k followers), former Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn, Ph.D. in Math, and a former Professor at Oregon State University.




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Friday 15th May, 3:30 pm CEST

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