Demo Day AI for Startups (November 12, 2020)

AI for Startups: Building Sophisticated Machine Learning in 8 Weeks


Demo Day (Recorded)

How to Build Sophisticated AI Models in 8 Weeks

  1. Get insights on how to move incredibly fast, overcome data challenges, and build cutting-edge  and efficient AI models that help your business scale and amplify your impact.

Covered real-world case studies 

X Prize Top 10 Startup Zzapp Malaria: Combining and augmenting different data sources 

A global team of 30 Omdena AI changemakers combined online satellite images, topography data, population density and other data sources to build an algorithm that identifies the areas in which stagnant water bodies (malaria mosquito breeding sites) are likely exist. 


ZZapp Malaria
AI wildfires

Swedish AI Startup Spacept: Building a deep learning model for tree identification with 95 percent accuracy

Identifying trees on satellite images is a complicated task. After labeling and augmenting the data the team created several task groups to test various AI models simultaneously. Following this approach, the best-fit model, a deep learning model could be identified in a matter of only three weeks. 

Spacept´s deep learning solution is currently accelerated by the European Space Agency and is trusted by NVIDIA Inception.


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