Demo Day Safety (August 15, 2020)

Demo Days: AI Solutions to Real-World Problems | Omdena

Demo day | August 15 | 10 am ET, 4 pm CEST, 2 pm UTC | 45 minutes

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Public Safety 


         What you`ll learn 

 Exclusive insights on chances and opportunities of AI and data science in Public Safety discussed by two award-winning NGOs

Three real-world cases with 80+ engineers involved on domestic violence, sexual harassment, and gang violence

Your remaining questions answered through a 15 mins Q&A session and open discussion

The case studies


Topic 1: Preventing sexual harassment through a safe-path finder algorithm 

UN Women states that 1 in 3 women face some kind of sexual assault at least once in their lifetime.”

The project team leveraged open-source data and the partner organization´s database to built heatmaps and calculate safe routes using Nearby Search, Directions API and Grid Coverage techniques. Part of the solution is a sexual harassment category classifier with 93 percent accuracy and several models that predict places with a high risk of sexual harassment incidents to suggest safe routes.




Topic 2: Understanding gang violence patterns and actors through Twitter analysis 

This case study introduces a Machine Learning algorithm to understand gang language and detect threatening/ violent tweets.

The algorithm does not only understand gang language and detects threatening tweets but also, by analyzing thousands of tweets, communities and the most influential members in the networks could be detected. All of the analysis has been done without profiling.   


Topic 3: Analyzing Domestic Violence through Natural Language Processing (NLP)

This work is part of a project with the award-winning Red Dot Foundation and Omdena’s collaborative platform to build solutions to better understand domestic violence and online harassment patterns during COVID-19. The team scrapped data from news articles as well as social media to apply various NLP techniques like topic modeling, document annotations, and stacking machine learning models to identify trends in domestic violence.

The panelists

The event will start with a 20 mins panel discussion with social serial entrepreneur Elsa-Marie D’Silva, Founder of award-winning SafeCity India and Red Dot Foundation, and Jennifer Peters, Founder of Responsive Crisis Prevention & Management company Voice 4 Impact. Omdena Collaborators Kulsoom Abdullah, Mohammad Amaan, Yang Gao will present the case studies. 


 How to get a chance to join the demo day

The discussion will be on an invite-only basis to ensure a helpful and effective dialogue.

You can apply below by answering two brief questions.


Event date

Saturday August 15, 2 pm UTC | 4 pm CEST

45 minutes in total 

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