Building Lean AI Startups for Impact (Special Edition)

Whether you currently use AI or aspire to, this demo day is for you.

Special guests

Brant Cooper

Best-selling author of “The Lean Entrepreneur” Brant Cooper

Brant Cooper is one of the co-authors of the NYT bestselling book, The Lean EntrepreneurBrant helps organizations big and small move the needle. He has experienced monumental milestones such as IPO, acquisition, rapid growth, and crushing failure.

Tim Ferriss Lean


Markus Matiaschek

Markus Matiaschek

Head of Software Development and Product Owner at Child Growth Monitor

Tobias Reiter

Tobias Reiter

CEO at Viebeg Technologies, expanding access to affordable health care all over Africa

The case studies


Detecting child malnutrition through computer vision

In this AI Challenge 61 technology changemakers are building a machine learning solution for identifying malnutrition of children. A problem affecting more than 200 million children.




Child Growth Monitor
AI healthcare

Anticipating shocks to deliver life-saving health products 

VIEBEG is building AI to anticipate shocks of all kinds to deliver live-saving health products in challenging environments. VIEBEG is a leading provider of medical products and equipment and the first online pharmaceutical distributor in East Africa, providing more than 300 hospitals and clinics in Burundi, Rwanda and DR Congo.


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