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Community Manager - Omdena
Community Development Path

Community Manager

Make an impact in your local region or country and gain the skills you need as a community manager in the data science field.

Process overview

  • International project management skills
  • Community building experience
  • AI project ideation and presentation
1. Join an Omdena Local Chapter or AI Innovation Challenge (Optional)
Either join a Local Chapter Challenge or an AI Innovation Challenge to experience first-hand how Omdena projects work.
2. Launch an Omdena Local Chapter
By opening a new Local Chapter in your country, you will have the opportunity to build a community, supported by Omdena.
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3. Become a part of our Impact Program
In the Omdena Impact Program, you will be collaborating with leading partner organizations so you can make things happen for real!
4. Stand out to become the Lead of the Month
Once a month, Omdena highlights the lead of the month. If you commit to your Impact Hub, you will get special recognition for your impact.

Omdena´s Local Chapters span across 100+ countries

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Key skills

Project identification and execution
You initiate and execute projects in your local chapter.
Leadership skills
You take the lead to make an impact with your chapter.
Community management
You develop and grow the local community.
Data science know-how
By executing projects you will further develop your technical skills.


Basic knowledge of programming
Curiosity and willingness to learn
Project management interest

Projects. You can join.

Omdena offers a variety of projects that will develop your skills in the field of Data Science and ultimately boost your career to the next level.

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