TrashOut: Identifying Dumpsites in Tanzania to Contribute to a Cleaner World Using AI

Local Chapter Bukoba, Tanzania Chapter

Coordinated by ,

Status: Completed

Project Duration: 04 Jun 2023 - 02 Aug 2023

Open Source resources available from this project

Project background.

Illegal waste dumping is a growing worldwide problem that affects millions of people around the world. It is one among many global challenges today and solving illegal dumping is critical for achieving the societies well being. Identifying illegal dumpsites will help to make our towns and cities cleaner in a sense it will enable people to live a happy and healthy life.

Project plan.

  • Week 1

    Data Collection and Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Week 2


  • Week 3

    Feature Extraction

  • Week 4

    Model Development

  • Week 5

    Model Training

  • Week 6

    Evaluate Model

  • Week 7

    App development

  • Week 8

    App refinement

Learning outcomes.

– Data collection and analysis
– Machine learning skills
– Project management

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