[South African Chapter] Mapping Urban Vulnerability areas (Crimes, Disasters, etc.) using Open Source Data

Local Chapter Johannesburg, South Africa

Coordinated by South Africa ,

Project background.

Predicting crime rate and disaster rate by using Descriptive analysis.

Mapping Vulnerability is the process by which the location, access to basic amenities, and susceptibility of the urban poor towards crimes and disasters can be understood. Vulnerability mapping reflects the crime and disaster approach to proactively reach out and understand the issues of the urban poor. It is the mechanism by which the actual needs of the urban poor are reflected in the plans and budgets of the economy.

– Dissatisfied with emergency services where respondents live.

– Respondents do not trust people in their communities due to the high crime rate.

– Most people in the community cannot come back from a loss, resulting in poverty.

Project plan.

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