[Nigerian Chapter] Understanding the Disconnect Between Skills and Jobs in Africa

Local Chapter Lagos, Nigeria Chapter

Coordinated by Nigeria ,

Status: Completed

Project Duration: 25 Nov 2022 - 17 Feb 2023

Open Source resources available from this project

Project background.

Graduates often believe their degrees are just what they need to get the desired job. In recent times, employers value hard, technical, and soft skills much more than the pre-requisite degrees. This project will highlight the importance of learning these skills and also distinctively segregate what skills are required for different jobs.

This project aligns with a previously conducted project by the Lagos Nigeria chapter (AI for Unemployment in Nigeria). The same methodology will be employed to derive robust solutions to understanding the relationship between skills and jobs in Africa. The first step would be to understand the supply and demand of jobs in different fields, search and scrap for available top jobs in various fields in Africa, search for the skills employers look for in applicants’ resumes to land the job, gather a substantial amount of graduate resumes, and employ Natural Language Processing to distinguish the connection between these available jobs and resumes with and without these skills.

Project plan.

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