Improving Fishing Activities in Kenya’s Lakes Region using Geo-Data

Local Project Kisumu, Kenya Chapter

Coordinated by the Lead of Kenya, Robinson Bill Obura,

Status: Completed

Project Duration: 08 Nov 2021 - 05 Jan 2022

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The problem.

Each year in Kenya we have the rainy seasons in March to May and also in October to December. The rains usually come with blessings for farmers but at the same time destruction when it rains too much. They lead to the destruction of infrastructure, crops, and also the displacement of people.

In this project, we aim to build a tool that identifies flood-prone regions and also how much damage the rains will cause in the selected areas.This tool will use collected satellite data to identify such regions. We shall collect data before and after the rains and then define a metric to assess the damage.

Such a tool will help the government and other agencies allocate enough resources before the rains and also allow people in the affected areas to better plan themselves before the rains start.

Project goals.

This is more of an educative project and we hope to Teach members of the community how to access open-source satellite image data, process it, and use it in other applications Building of AI models that work with such data Get members to feel how a project is conceptualized until its implemented

Project plan.

    Learning outcomes.

    Have a working tool that can help save lives and better prepare our community for the next rainy seasonCreate awareness on open-source data that can be used to solve problems in our community.

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