Developing an Automated Inventory Management System for Local Retailers using Computer Vision

Local Chapter Abakaliki, Nigeria

Coordinated byNigeria ,

Status: Ongoing

Project background.

Local retailers in this part of the country don’t keep sales record and as a result of this, it is difficult to keep record of how their business is doing. So we want to help them keep records about their sales activity.

The problem.

Business is intelligent everywhere and its role in business growth is promising. The problem is that 90% of retailers in Abakaliki, even Nigeria at large don’t keep a record of their sales activities. As we all know, without a record, there is no data, and without there is no way intelligence can be applied to the business.

Very few big retailers use POS and barcodes to keep track of their sales and the needed data can be gotten from the computer device attached to the POS but unfortunately, the majority of the retailer doesn’t buy the idea. So the aim of this project is to develop an automated inventory system using computer vision

Project goals.

The primary aim of this project is to link local retailers to the power of business analytics. The data collected from them can be used to deduce actionable insights on how to improve their sales and as well manage their business in a better way. The goals are : - Development of an automated sales data collection system. - Develop an inventory database on the phone. - Develop an app for inventory management.

Project plan.

  • Week 1

    Data collections

  • Week 2

    Data cleaning

  • Week 4


  • Week 6

    Database development

  • Week 8

    System integration

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