Developing AI Solutions for Bushfire Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relief

Local Chapter Sydney, Australia Chapter

Coordinated byAustralia ,

Status: Ongoing

Project background.

In the case of Australia, bushfires are one of the major disastrous events. So we can implement it for the disaster management system for bushfires. We need to provide emergency relief for the effects.

The problem.

Developing AI solutions for bushfire disaster assistance and emergency relief.

Project goals.

- To collect and curate the data. - Feature engineering. - To develop the initial machine-learning model. - Evaluate the model. - Improve the model with more curated data. - Identify the significant areas that need monitoring and more relief activities in time.

Project plan.

  • Week 1

    Data collection

  • Week 2

    Data curation and feature engineering

  • Week 3

    Develop ML model

  • Week 4

    Evaluate and retrain the model with more data

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