Building an AI Tool with Spaced Repetition and Deliberate Practice Techniques to Boost Student Memory

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Status: Completed

Project Duration: 15 May 2023 - 01 Jul 2023

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Project background.

There are many ways to study smartly. But most of the students are not aware of the techniques they can use to excel in their exams. They rely on regular methods, it’s not their fault as they are not taught how to use such techniques.

What if there was a way to effectively study and not forget what you’ve studied? It would boost the confidence of even average performing students. The techniques which I’m referring to here are Spaced repetition, active recall, solving problems and deliberate practice.

For a beginner, these techniques to apply when studying can be overwhelming. They are not in the habit of following them and can lose track with high chances of going back to normal study routines.

The above problem is what we solve using AI models. We can summarize the whole content that they would have previously studied which can help the student to practice spaced repetition. Using the NLP techniques, we can mask of the important keywords to enable the student to perform active recall.

The problem.

In this competitive world, for a person to be successful, he needs to have a good education. However, in today’s world the attention of the students is dropping. Their focus levels dip due to social media, internet and smartphone usage. The problem we are trying to solve is, how can we overcome the issue and make it easier using AI techniques for students to prepare well for exams.

We increase the memory and concept retention of the students through study techniques such as Spaced repetition, Active recall. We incorporate AI models to automate some of the above mentioned techniques.

This AI project has a real potential, considering how students are passionate to learn in countries such as India. They enroll in number of exams which potentially decide their future. And there are huge EdTech companies with the right content but nothing specific to increase their retention capability and remember what they have studied.

Project goals.

Some of the project goals include: - Building a set of AI tools to help students learn effectively and increase memory capability. - Make a student confident in the subjects and productive in learning new things. - Create an app that can send summary updates of the lesson taught in the school. - Research more ways we can integrate AI tools from a teaching perspective such as question generation to test the students on what has been taught. - Possibly pitch this AI product to an EdTech company or an institution so that many students can benefit.

Project plan.

  • Week 1

    Research on NLP algorithms and their performance for study techniques.

  • Week 2

    Work on Spaced repetition model and Flashcard generation using NLP and deep learning.

  • Week 3

    Question and MCQs generation model using huggingface library.

  • Week 4

    AI based reading tool to help read abstract concepts easily

  • Week 5

    Evaluation / Deployment of the model

  • Week 6

    App development

Learning outcomes.

The students will get to experience hands-on learning on topics including NLP and its state of art algorithms – BERT,T5,GPT; Deep learning and few topics in Computer Vision.

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