Building a Mental Health Chatbot for Low Resource Languages using NLP

Local Chapter Lahore, Pakistan Chapter

Coordinated by Pakistan ,

Status: Completed

Project Duration: 28 Dec 2022 - 06 Jan 2023

Open Source resources available from this project

Project background.

Pakistan is home to a plethora of low-resource languages. Mental health issues are a pertinent issue people in Pakistan are facing these days, however, due to the stigmas associated with this topic, it remains largely ignored. This project aims to tackle this issue, by building a first of its kind urdu based mental health chatbot. This project will be a vibrant addition to the work promoting the development of low-resource languages, and will also address the issue of mental health issues by building a compassionate NLP-based model that can hold personalized textual conversations with its users.

Project plan.

  • Week 1

    Data Collection (pre-week 1 even).

    Data Pre-Processing.

  • Week 2

    Building model

  • Week 3

    Building model and visualization

  • Week 4

    Building and deploying the app.

  • Week 5

    Preparing final documents and results.

Learning outcomes.

1. Collection of Data.
2. Pre-processing of Data.
3. Modelling.
4. Model deployment into a possible API.
5. Visualisation.

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