Build Web Application Dashboard To Report The Covid Situation In Kenya

Local Chapter Nairobi, Kenya Chapter

Coordinated byKenya ,

Status: Completed

Project Duration: 01 Nov 2021 - 14 Dec 2021

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Project background.

Dashboard and other visualizations are great when communicating insights. They are easier to understand – especially when going through large amounts of data. In this project, our aim is to scrap pdf reports of the updates of the covid situation in Kenya from the Ministry of health website and extract information that we shall store and also present it in the form of a dashboard. We will then automate the process so that we have an updated dashboard each time that can be accessed by anyone.

The problem.

In Kenya, we get an update every day regarding the covid situation in the country from the Ministry of Health. The updates contain statistical numbers on parameters such as the number of people vaccinated, new cases, cases per county, etc. This information is given as pdf files on the ministry website and going through these files might be cumbersome. Furthermore, comparing progress or milestones can be a challenge. 

It is therefore our aim to have this information in the form of a dashboard as it will be easier to interpret and could provide insights to stakeholders on whether we are winning the war on the virus. It could also allow normal citizens in the country to easily understand the covid situation in the country. We shall also make it possible for anyone to download the data and use it for research purposes such as data modeling.

Project goals.

- Scrape data from
- Save the data in a public repo
- Build a web application dashboard
- Build an API that automates the dashboard with the latest data

Project plan.

  • Week 1

    -Understanding of Problem Statement
    -Web Scraping Workshop
    -Downloading of Data
    -Data Visualization Workshop

  • Week 2

    -Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA)
    -Building Dashboard & Visualizations
    -Introduction to REST APIs & Web Applications

  • Week 3

    -Building Backend API
    -Building Frontend
    -Workshop on Docker And Docker Compose

  • Week 4

    -Automating the pipeline
    -Finish Integrating WebApp
    -Deploy the App in Cloud Application Platforms

Learning outcomes.

1. Learn how to scrape data from websites

2. Building insightful Data Visualizations

3. Working with Databases

4. Build end-to-end scraping data pipelines

5. Build REST API with Flask

6. Deploying a Web Application

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