Automated Damage Assessment and Mapping for Rapid Response Planning in Natural Disasters

Local Chapter Milton Keynes, England Chapter

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Status: Ongoing

Project background.

There are many Fire Incidents in Europe currently in addition to the earthquake event in Turkey. We would like to build this project keeping these two events in mind. The project will be solely based on open source dataset and if possible data collection from the internet if possible. Possibly, many charities in the UK can support with such project. We will be contacting different charities in the EU who might be interested in such a project and ask them how we can support each other.

The problem.

Automated damage assessment and mapping for rapid response planning: AI-powered drones and cameras could quickly survey the affected area to create high-resolution maps that show the extent of the damage. This information could be used to prioritize response efforts, such as search and rescue missions, and to develop effective recovery plans.

Project goals.

- Identify people in the affected area especially before the support team arrives at the location. - Identify nearby locations which can be used to camp and have clear transportation access. - Shortest route optimization to reach from A to B.

Project plan.

  • Week 1

    – Identify Leads
    – Identify People Capabilities
    – Task Allocation
    – Define clear problem statement and Data Collection requirements and Data Collection sources.

  • Week 2

    – Data Collection, Data Analysis and Image analysis

  • Week 3

    – Model Testing and Model Selection

  • Week 4

    – Model Testing and Model Selection

  • Week 6

    Model Deployement, API delopment

  • Week 8

    Report Prepration and Final Presenation

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