Developing a Collection of Personal Health Web Apps Using NLP and Computer Vision

Local Chapter Delhi, India Chapter

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Status: Completed

Project Duration: 31 Jan 2023 - 17 Feb 2023

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Project background.

The use of personal health apps has become increasingly popular as a means for individuals to track and improve their health and wellness. However, many of these apps have limitations, such as relying on manual input and tracking, or being limited to a single aspect of health. There is a need for a collection of personal health web apps that use AI technologies, such as natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision (CV), to provide a more comprehensive and automated approach to health management.

The problem.

Individuals seeking to improve their health and wellness often use multiple apps to track different aspects of their health, such as exercise, nutrition, and mental health. There is a need for integrated solutions for these apps. we will develop various features like workout planning, meal planning, computer vision based feedback and more to provide a unique experience.

Project goals.

The goal of this project is to develop a collection of personal health features that use AI technologies to improve the quality of health management. The collection should include web apps for tracking and improving various aspects of health, such as exercise, nutrition, and mental health.

Project plan.

  • Week 1

    refining the ideas, finalizing features, collecting data

  • Week 2

    collecting and modelling on data

  • Week 3

    modelling and packaging as web apps

  • Week 4

    packaging as web apps

Learning outcomes.

– Learn about the latest AI technologies, including natural language processing and computer vision, and how they can be applied in the field of healthcare.
– Gain experience in developing and testing personal health web apps.
– Explore the ethical and privacy implications of using AI in healthcare.
– Learn about the challenges and opportunities of using AI to improve individual and population health.

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