Accessibility for People with Disabilities in Sofia, Bulgaria using Machine Learning

Local Chapter Sofia, Bulgaria Chapter

Coordinated by Bulgaria ,

Project background.

This challenge will be a collaboration between Omdena Bulgaria Local Chapter and LiberAid.

LiberAid is a community of people with disabilities that is focused on the mission of helping people with physical disabilities travel more freely and enjoy their experience.

People with disabilities, require constant support to visit sites, access public amenities and enjoy tourism. There are everyday challenges that concern transport modes, connectivity, origin, and destination and building accessibility, that are hard to manage regardless of the regional context. Rather than a source of agitation travel should be an enjoyable experience even for people at a physical disadvantage.

Project plan.

  • Week 1

    Data Collection
    Data Pre-processing

  • Week 2

    Exploratory-Data Analysis

  • Week 3


  • Week 4

    Modelling and adjustment of data and solutions

  • Week 5

    Model testing and validation

  • Week 6

    Model Deployment into possible API

  • Week 7

    Visualisation and Publication

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