A Study of Text Classification Natural Language Processing Algorithms in Wolof

Local Project Senegal Chapter

Coordinated by the Lead of Senegal, Bousso Mamadou , Aziz DIOP Abdou ,

Status: Completed

Project Duration: 13 Mar 2022 - 14 Apr 2022

Open Source resources available from this project


In this project we are collaborating with Galsen, an AI community that promotes AI in Senegal, to carry out this project end-to-end and with the omdena community.

Project goals.

This project aims to do a survey on sentimental analysis with the Wolof language, spoken in some parts of West Africa and more particularly in Senegal. In this project, we are going to use data in Wolof, and then try the different Machine learning, Deep learning that will allow us to have good results.The whole will be a scientific publication article that will be published.

Project plan.

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