12 Emerging AI Startups (for Good) You Need to Know in 2023

Dec 2, 2021
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12 Emerging AI Startups (for Good) You Need to Know in 2023

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The Omdena Impact Tech Startups Series is comprised of game-changing startups. stories, and thought-leadership pieces from leading impact ventures solving real-world problems.

The below list shows uprising early stage AI Startups for Good. 

Impact investing market is growing 

As the world bounces back to a post-COVID pandemic, 2021 sees more action on the startup front. Impact investing is showing an upward trend, and the human and economic toll from the pandemic has boosted the innovative startup culture.

As per a 2020  report, IFC pegged the size of the impact investing market at about $2 trillion, including development-finance institutions. But IFC estimates the market could grow to $26 trillion if the right opportunities were available. 

Over the past decade, we have seen impact investing getting popular as an investment strategy to generate financial returns and create a positive environmental or social impact.

Overcoming fear-driven AI  

Much news coverage on AI is still fear-driven. Instead, it should be value and safety-driven. While there are very relevant and meaningful discussions on AI bias and job automation, there is another side.

Many initiatives like the AI for Good conference seek to highlight potential AI innovations to help humanity on issues like health care and climate change, and we at Omdena focus on this, too.

The below list is an example of the other side; startups working on realizing the true potential of leveraging AI for Good. 


The Somatix product platform offers a wearable-enabled RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) software platform for healthcare. The AI-based platform provides powerful clinical insights and predictive analytics on user health, safety, and well-being. The company raised $4.5M funding in 2020 for its wearable solutions out of a total $7M funding amount.

Positive Carbon

Positive Carbon is an early-stage AI startup that provides completely automated premium quality food waste monitoring and reporting tools. The tools, designed for restaurants, hotels, and cities, use patented sensors to detect pending food waste. Positive Carbon aims to develop efficient waste reduction strategies, and such strategies are instrumental in increasing the gross profits of food operations by 2-8%.

Habits AI

Habits AI is a community well-being platform that utilizes 24 AI products and services to modify behavior (about healthy habits and lifestyles) and improve the well-being of employees in a scalable manner. This company raised an undisclosed amount of funding in a non-assistance equity round on July 2, 2021.


Together AI utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect kids online (especially from bullying). Parents use the Together Ai app for monitoring their children’s activity online, and children use the app to communicate with an AI companion about their mental health struggles. Together AI raised $700,000 and $3M funding in pre-seed and seed funding rounds, respectively, in 2021.


misTEO is a platform focused on climate resilience. It provides climate change adaptation technologies to governments and private enterprises to overcome the costs associated with climate change. The services provided by misTEO include geospatial and weather AI, climate token, catastrophe risk modeling, computational sustainability, and climate cover insurance. The platform also provides early warning signs.


Hopeful is an early-stage AI startup and pioneering social fund tech platform that makes charities and non-profit organizations capable of monetizing their followers on social media for funding. It also provides visibility to the followers about donor engagement through a Storytelling AI dashboard. Hopeful raised CA$150K and CA$250K funding in October 2020 and January 2020 through two pre-seed rounds.

Zzapp Malaria

Zzapp Malaria is a company that specializes in the development and utilization of technological tools for malaria eradication. Therefore, Zzapp Malaria develops and uses AI products and services for eliminating malaria. ZZapp Malaria is a part of the Omdena AI incubator. Zzapp Malaria’s mobile application guides workers through the various stages of larviciding and home spraying operations. In 2021, Zzapp Malaria won the 5$M XPRIZE Competition. $5M IBM 


Viebeg is a medical equipment manufacturing company aiming to optimize medical supply through their AI-powered Inventory Management System and Procurement System in hospitals to make healthcare services more affordable and accessible. Viebeg has raised $1.32M funding through 2 funding rounds, one in September 2019 and another in October 2019.

The Newsroom

Founded in 2021, The Newsroom is an early stage AI startup that uses explainable AI to evaluate and authenticate the trustworthiness of online articles at scale and deliver context to the news that people read online. The primary mission of The Newsroom is to prevent and combat misinformation online and foster plurality. The Newsroom was selected as one of the Top 15 social enterprises in Europe through the Social Innovation Tournament by the European Investment Bank Institute. In addition, The Newsroom has also been selected for the Omdena AI Incubator.


Based in Berlin-Brandenburg, Dryad is an IoT environmental startup. This company aims to develop a large-scale IoT network that enables individuals to analyze, protect, and monitor the world’s most remote and most extensive forests. Dryad is a part of the Omdena AI incubator. Dryad Networks has raised $4M funding through 2 Seed rounds in 2020 and one Grant round in March 2021. 


A health tech company founded in 2016 disrupts how people struggling with infertility get access to specialty fertility care through the best infertility specialists and experts with on-demand questions and answers. Backed by venture capital, it has a total funding amount of $5.1M.


Logically develops the latest in AI technologies to tackle misinformation, information overload, fake news & other types of harmful content. It has an award-winning international team of data scientists and engineers. It has total funding of  $12.7M and raised an undisclosed amount in April 2020.


Beereaders, founded in 2020, is an Austin headquartered education company that redefines what’s possible for Spanish speakers by advancing their reading comprehension by creating literacy solutions for K-12 Spanish-speaking students worldwide. It has total funding of $1.7M and has won multiple awards, including Academics’ Choice Award™ Winner.

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