Become an Omdena Local Chapter Lead


Drive local impact by building and leading an Omdena local chapter in your city or university. 

Omdena believes in creating opportunities for all.

Running an Omdena local chapter in your city or university will give you the opportunity to help educate 100’s of future tech leaders through solving real world problems. If you are driven to be a multiplier in your community, we will help you get there.

We equip you with the processes, tools, knowledge and support to successfully run open-source AI projects through your local chapter. 


Who Should Apply?

Aspiring community leaders who are passionate about making an impact in their local ecosystems by:

  • Running open-source AI projects that solve local problems

  • Learning best practices and skills to grow their communities

  • Networking and collaborating with other chapter leaders 


What you Do:


As an Omdena Local Chapter Lead you will run 3+/year open-source AI projects each 4 weeks in length.

You will partner with local NGO’s, governments and/or universities to identify the most pressing problems faced by your community, get a team of 80-100/project aspiring AI Engineers together and run AI projects with the goal of educating through working on real world problems.

What we Provide:

We provide a support system and experience from running 60+ global AI projects.

 Once onboarded, we will set up a call with you to go through all the information you need to run your first projects and many more after that.

You will have access to resources, knowledge, and mentorship from experienced Omdena community members to set you up for success and drive the most impact for your local community!

Application Process:

Step 1 - Submit an application

Submit an application by choosing your chapter, providing some information about your aspirations and describing the local problems you wish to solve through the chapter. These can be rough ideas and as many as you have.

Step 2 - Let's have a call

We will reach out to you to set up a call.

Step 3 - Align motivations & values

If our motivations and values align, you will receive a chapter agreement to sign. Once signed, you will join the Omdena chapter slack with the rest of the chapter leads and members.

Step 4 - Launch your chapter !

Create your unique logo, formulate your first problem statement and launch your project with us!