AI Startup Program for Impact

AI Startup Program for Impact

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AI Program for Impact

for leading impact ventures changing the world for good through technology.

Enrollment for January 2024 is now open!

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Trusted by. Over 100 startups in the past 12 months.

What you get. From joining the Omdena AI program.

Our Talent

Vetted AI Teams

To develop innovative AI solutions

  • Omdena Product Lead
  • 50 selected AI Engineers
  • Over 5000h of AI Development over 8 weeks
  • Access to Omdena´s top 2% developers for projects

Growth Mentoring

To accelerate your impact

For select companies, we offer:

  • 2 Office Hours on Sales & Business Development to grow faster
  • Or 2 Office Hours on Community Building & Engagement
  • Or 2 Office Hours on Marketing
Growth Mentoring
Our Talent

Be featured as an Omdena Impact Tech Changemaker

Brand Exposure

To get the exposure your startup deserves

  • Be recognized as an Emerging Impact Changemaker.
  • Marketing co-promotion initiatives (min 3 dedicated post for startups).
  • Get exposure to over 80,000 technologists, organizations, and impact investors.

Talent Acquisition

To build a strong in-house tech team when you are ready to scale-up

  • Hire Vetted Engineers from Omdena’s Top Talent Pool.
  • Flexible Hiring Options (Top Talent Teams, Escrow Model).
Top Talent
Impact Investor Demo Day

Impact Investor Demo-Day

To maximise your chances for your next stage of funding

  • Pitch to a selected group of Investors in AI for impact startups.
  • Maximize your chances of getting to your next funding round.

FAQ. In case you have more questions.

1. What is the duration of the program?

The program consists of an 8 weeks AI Innovation Challenge, during which you get a team of 50 AI Engineers to build an Innovative AI Solution for you (more than 5000h of AI Development). The AI Innovation Challenge is followed up by a 2 weeks Knowledge Transfer support to make sure that you are up to speed with all the work the team did. Moreover, for 6 months from the end of the project, you can request 2 Office Hours for Growth Mentoring and Support for Talent Acquisition.

2. What does the AI development process involve?

The AI development process includes data collection (if needed), data processing, AI modeling, and deployment (if applicable). Each single startup case is different, that’s why as the first step of the application process we will need to discuss the technical challenges of building your AI Solution and define together the project scope. Please submit your application with this link and we will discuss your AI Project in a call.

3. How big is the AI project team?

The project team consists of one Omdena Project Lead and 50 AI Engineers who will work on your project.

4. Can I hire an in-house tech team for my project?

Yes, you can hire vetted engineers from Omdena’s Top Talent Pool (top 2% talent of more than 20k applications) or choose flexible hiring options such as top talent teams or escrow model.

5. What stage of startups is this program suitable for?

The program is suitable for Startups from Pre-Seed up to Series A stage. Boost the development of your product and get quickly investor ready for your next round (see here many Success Stories of our Alumni)

6. How can joining Omdena’s Impact Network help me increase my chances of getting funding?

Joining Omdena’s Impact Network provides access to a diverse community of technologists, organizations, and impact investors who are interested in supporting innovations that create positive social impact. This network offers opportunities for collaboration and exposure to potential funders who may be interested in supporting your work. Additionally, being recognized as an Emerging Impact Changemaker through Omdena can help raise your profile and increase visibility among potential funders.

7. How much does the program cost?

Omdena AI Program will enable you to bridge the gap between getting funding and building an investor-ready AI Solution. You can save tens of thousands of USD in development costs and build your AI Solution in a much shorter timeframe.

Program fee: Only $15k USD

For Pre-Seed Startups we give the opportunity to defer partially the payment, so you can pay part of the fee only after you get funding.

8. Who owns the IP of the final solution(s)?

You own the full IP of the final solution(s).

9. Will I have to give up any equity in my startup?

No, you can keep all your valuable shares.

10. If I join the program, how much time I will need to dedicate to follow the project?

Our program requires a commitment of about 5 to 8 hours per week from somebody on your team. You are going to play the role of the “Domain Expert” and you don’t need to worry about project management, because you will have a dedicated PO and we will take full ownership of the product development. It is a great return on investment considering that you get back more than 5000h of AI Development during the program

11. I don't think I need 50 AI Engineers. If I need just a small (1-5) team, is this program for me?

If building your AI Solution requires a small team of Engineers you can apply with this link for Omdena Top Talent Teams Program. The program structure is very similar but instead of 50 AI Engineers, you get a Team of 2-5 Engineers to build your Product + One Omdena AI Product Owner. Omdena’s Top Talent Teams program is more suitable for Software Engineering type of projects (Also backend and frontend). If there is no need to “re-invented the wheel” in terms of AI and the complexity of building the solution is more of the software engineering side then we would recommend joining the Top Talent Teams Program instead. Before joining the program we evaluate every single startup, define the project scope, and assess if they are a good fit for an AI Innovation Challenge or a Top Talent Project or a combination of the two.

85% of our startup partners who look to size up their in-house team, hire engineers from Omdena at the end of the program.

You get a 50% reduction in the hiring fee* (applicable up to 45 days after the program)

You access the top 2% of vetted Omdena Engineers from +20k applications

Ghyzlène K.

Industry experience: 5+ years

Completed Omdena projects: Solar Roof Detection (Computer Vision), Misinformation Detection (NLP), Domestic Violence Prevention (NLP)

Ghyzlène K.
Data Engineer
Open for Hiring
Leon H.

Industry experience: 4+ years

First Class Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Completed Omdena projects: Predicting Road Safety (Remote Sensing, Machine Learning)

Leon H.
Lead Machine Learning Engineer
Open for Hiring
Samir S.

Industry experience: +7 years

Completed Omdena projects: Wildfire Detection (Computer Vision), Anomaly Detection on Mars (Remote Sensing)

Samir S.
Software Engineer
Hired by Google
Sijuade O.

Industry experience: 8+ years. One of Udacity’s first mentors & code reviewers.

Completed Omdena projects: Weed Detection (Computer Vision), Disaster Prediction & Management (Remote Sensing), Child Violence Prevention (NLP)

Sijuade O.
Lead Machine Learning Engineer
Open for Hiring
Yaroslav K.

Industry experience: 9+ years

Completed Omdena projects: Road Crashes Prevention (Remote Sensing, Machine Learning)

Yaroslav K.
Senior PM & Data Scientist
Open for Hiring
Kritika R.

Industry experience: 2+ years

Completed Omdena projects: Wildfire Detection (Computer Vision), Dumpsite Prediction (Remote Sensing)

Kritika R.
Software Engineer
Hired by Microsoft

*fee is derived from the first year salary

1. Have an onboarding call with the Omdena Team.

2. Define the exact project scope together with Omdena.

3. Sign the final agreement.

4. Get your solution(s) built and delivered.

Laura McIntosh, CEO

EmPowerYu (USA), Plug and Play Backed

“Highly professional and productive – the value is not only the final outcome but also what the team tried and why it was not a good fit for the data”

Janis Jasko, CEO

Weedbot, DeepTech Startup

“Scaling your Machine Learning team 20x overnight”

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Application deadline: Friday, Dec 15th, 2023 – 11:59 PM (ET)

Selection Criteria: Based on your startup´s impact mission, project scope, and maturity level

Make sure you have read all the information before applying or contact us