Build, Deploy, and Scale AI Models in Eight Weeks


 The program 


The Omdena AI Incubator is the only AI development program in the world exclusively for early-stage impact startups. We believe the future lies with startups that are driven by solving real-world problems rather than just maximizing shareholder profits. Thus, we will help 50 startups in the next 12 months by giving instant access to our platform of more than 1,700 AI engineers.

We start one project every week. Next available start date: April 1, 2021






Spacept (Sweden)



Weedbot (Lithuania)

AI for Malaria

Zzapp Malaria (Israel)

(XPRIZE Top 10)


Child Growth Monitor


Child Growth Monitor (Germany)

(AI for Good Finalist)


Engie Factory

ENGIE factory (Singapore)



Seva Exchange

Seva Exchange (USA)


NeedEnergy (Zimbabwe)

Brand Love Intelligence

Brand Love Intelligence (Netherlands)

AI Incubator

Reboot RX (USA)

(Winner New England Innovation Award 2020)

AI Incubator

The Newsroom (Portugal)

AI Incubator

Envisionit Deep AI (South Africa)

(Award Winner – Africa Innovation 2020)

AI aging

Humanity (UK)

ai drug safety

Flaskdata (Israel)


DigiExt (Ghana)

bias nlp

Mavin (The Netherlands)

ai poultry

Faromatics (Spain)

Working with Omdena has been truly impactful. The partnership has enabled us to team up with diverse collaborators to test and iterate on new models at speeds we would not have imagined doing ourselves.
Bolong Chew

Founder & CEO, Solar AI Technologies

Grow fast with our global platform


No matter what you need to succeed, we provide the right teams, processes, and cutting-edge tools.

Instant access to our platform of 1,700+ collaborators across 88 countries


Diversity of roles in a traditional Omdena project


Build your AI models with a global team in eight weeks 

A collaborative and high-performing team of 40 to 50 selected engineers to build and deploy your AI models in record time. Access to best-in-class tools, our mentor network, and the comprehensive Omdena knowledge-base.



Bottom up AI innovation

Benefit from affordable and flexible terms

We exclusively work with early-stage startups (bootstrapped/ seed/ pre-seed) and we understand the financial challenges mission-driven startups can face. We adapt our terms to help you grow as we are driven by impact rather than gaining short-term financial benefits.

Hire pre-vetted talent after eight weeks

After working with the global team of AI engineers, you can hire the top-performers directly (terms may apply) or continue to work with a team through the Omdena Talent Platform to keep benefiting from our platform offerings. 

Hire data scientists
Lean AI

Raise investment and scale 

All IP will be transferred to you and by showcasing the work, you can raise further investment. We not only help with scaling your product solution but also provide exposure to investors and new customers through our online events. 

After only two weeks of setting up the project team, working with such a diverse and motivated group of professionals was a truly unique experience, and it provided insights beyond our expectations. We look forward to collaborating on additional projects!
Arnon Houri-Yafin

CEO, Zzapp Malaria

Our program partners


Labelbox has been collaborating with Omdena on +10 projects with more than 400 AI engineers leveraging their leading labeling platform for impactful use cases.

Labelbox recently raised $25M in Series B funding.


Y Combinator-backed startup Activeloop partners with Omdena to access our global community of technology changemakers. Activeloop is developing a fast and simple framework for building and scaling data pipelines for machine learning.

AI Incubator

Omdena and Spell have been collaborating on various projects, e.g. combatting sexual harassment or analyzing the effects of COVID 19 lockdowns on vulnerable populations. Spell provides a powerful MLOps platform.


We are delighted to collaborate with Techcelerator.Ro, a partner of Google for Startups, to help with their vision of enabling leading innovative startups to reshape the world of tomorrow.


Apify extracts data from websites, crawls lists of URLs, and automates workflows on the web. Turn any website into an API in a few minutes!

AI incubator

Calibri is like Duolingo for soft skills. Calibri helps businesses assess and reinforce their employees’ soft skills with bite-sized tasks, building strong, durable habits.


Omdena supports Factory, a program developed by Teyit, by incubating startups in need of AI capabilities. 

AI wildfires

Deep learning for tree identification

AI startup Spacept worked with 36 Omdena collaborators to build a deep learning model for tree identification. The model helps to prevent power outages and forest fires sparked by falling trees that are too close to power stations.

Credit scoring machine learning

Ethical credit scoring

The mission of Creedix is to build the World´s #1 Ethical Credit Scoring Solution.

The team combined and prepared three datasets, applied feature engineering, and prepared machine learning pipelines both for supervised and unsupervised learning to identify the best-fit approach.

AI Wildfires
Detecting wildfires in real-time

Brazilian startup Sintecsys worked with a diverse Omdena team to build a model, which accurately identifies smoke and flames in more than 95% of the cases, dramatically reducing false positives and the time until firefighters are called onto the scene.

Who´s eligible?

If you are a startup solving a social, environmental, social fin-tech, or health-related problem, we encourage you to apply.

AI Incubator Form

Register your interest

If selected for the AI Incubator you will get a notification email to schedule a call with a member of the Omdena team to discuss the details of the program and to define your project specifics. 

Times Square

Omdena´s collaborative work and Coronavirus AI Challenge highlighted by NASDAQ, NYC (May 2020)