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AI Product Development Path

AI Product Owner

Gain the skills you need to start and grow your career as a product owner in the data science field.

Process overview

  • Diverse team management skills
  • Communication skills
  • AI product development experience
1. Join an Omdena AI Innovation Challenge
In an Omdena AI Innovation Challenge you will join a team of 50 collaborators to develop AI solutions for real-world problems.
2. Take a leadership role during the Challenge
During the AI Innovation Challenge, lead a key task and drive progress with the team to showcase your willingness to take the lead.
3. Manage another AI Innovation Challenge as a product manager
Now, that you’ve successfully completed your first AI Innovation Challenge, you will have the opportunity to manage a Challenge in the role of a product manager.
4. Gain the skills to build AI products.
Develop the skills to become a product lead to build and launch AI products. 

Key skills

Leadership skills
Leading and managing a diverse team of up to 50 collaborators from arround the world.
Data Science problem solving skills
Understanding how to approach a problem and scope it in a technical context.
Product development skill
Being able to build a product from scratch understanding client requirements.
Cultural awareness
Being able to communicate and bridge a team of up to 50 collaborators from diverse backgrounds.


Basic knowledge of programming
Previous project management experience preferred
Very good communication skills

Projects. You can join.

Omdena offers a variety of projects that will develop your skills in the field of Data Science and ultimately boost your career to the next level.

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