Become an AI-enabled NGO within 12 months 

Omdena recruited a team of more than 50 data scientists around the globe who worked tirelessly over the entire project duration. I have rarely seen a team working so hard towards a common goal and achieving such tangible results in a short period of time. The project resulted in several outcomes that are extremely promising, not just for Save the Children, but for the entire field of NGOs and other actors working to protect children.

John Zoltner

Senior Advisor of Technology for Development and Innovation, Save the Children

Save the Children

More than 30 partner organizations worked with us

AI NGOS and Omdena Partners

What is an AI-enabled NGO? 

An organization that recognizes the value of data and uses artificial intelligence algorithms to deliver some of their services and programs highly efficiently and at a large scale.

The path to becoming AI-enabled 


1. Discover

The NGO needs to find out what problems they would like to solve using AI. 

Additionally, the organization may need to find out which data sources are available within the organization.

2. Agile prototyping

A short, initial project is required to develop a proof of concept, which is then followed by a prototype.

This demonstrates the value of an AI-solution both internally and externally.


3. Productionize 

The proof of concept is brought into production for the use by stakeholders to generate value.

4. Capacity building

The NGO starts a larger project to build up internal capacities like technical skills and to foster stakeholder collaboration, communication and problem-solving.


The Omdena Platform accelerates your journey


No matter where you are on your path, we provide the right teams, processes, and cutting-edge tools to make you an AI-enabled organization in record time. 

Our platform spans across 85+ countries with more than 1,700 collaborators






WRI´s journey with Omdena

(10 months, 5 prototypes, 3 products, funding secured, +150 collaborators involved)


Up till now, we have worked with more than 150 AI engineers to do innovation sprints and develop prototypes in a matter of months. Already, our first Omdena AI project secured funding from our donors. I am a big fan and we are on our fifth project.

Kathleen Buckingham

Senior Manager, Data & Innovation, World Resources Institute

World Resources Institute

Rapid prototyping & secured funding

WRI hosted an Omdena Eight-Week Innovation Challenge where 50 collaborators built a prototype to identify land use conflicts and automatically match mediating government policies. The prototype was well-received and secured funding for follow-up projects. 



Productionizing and starting additional Innovation Challenges

WRI has been hosting multiple Challenges to build proof of concepts in various domains such as climate change, land conflicts, policy-making, and more. In addition, WRI is leveraging Omdena Talent to develop several production-level solutions.  

Land Conflicts

Prototype: Policy Matching Tool

AI Teams

Upskilling WRI´s internal teams

Omdena teams and WRI´s teams are working closely together where we provide constant access to our knowledge base and tool partnerships. This gives WRI´s staff not only a deep-dive into AI applications but also valuable skills to manage and execute real-world projects successfully. 

AI NGOS and Omdena Partners

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